#093: New Exposures

Although I do not have a clear destination in mind yet for my thinking, I started out with an experience to assault my visual senses. An important part of new thinking is networking, connecting with people who can buzz your senses. We all know people like that. Sometimes we just forget to make contact.

And so I went to visit my friend, Sudhir Misra, whom I have not seen in almost two years. More than an excellent final mix engineer, Suds is also a really visual guy. I vividly recall several images of photographs he had taken in the past.

As we sat talking, he showed me some of his latest work, taken during a journey of ten days in India. Now, I don’t know many people who could just pack up their office and go. But here is certainly one of them: “You need to do this kind of stuff before the day comes when you can’t get away…”, is his take on life.

So in March this year, he left – armed with a good camera and a few lenses. You can see some of the images HERE.

Breathtaking: Light. Texture. Colour. Great exposure.

Inspired by a fresh point of view, and energised by an attitude to simply follow your heart, I am looking forward to some more powerful imagery to move me! Happy thinking!

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